IRS 501 c 3


New Horizon 1931 Corp is certified as a tax exempt charitable institution by the IRS. This enables us to avoid sales tax on purchases as well as obtaining price breaks on services from Banks and other vendors. For our members it enables them to make income tax deductions for their contributions to the room.

iPad Point of Sale

We have installed a Square iPad point of sale which enables visitors and members alike to purchase literature or refreshments, It also enables tax deductible donations 

2017 Profit & Loss

While the basket contributions ebb and flow the Group Conscience decided on having monthly Fellowship days on the each Saturday of the month with free BBQ, Pot Luck table, music, dominoes and 4 meetings. 

2015 was a water shed year for New Horizon as the group members new and old voted to take the Group back to its Primary Purpose.

The interior of the room was emptied and everything taken off the walls which were re-painted with a neutral color. Quite a change from opposing lime green and burnt red walls. Only AA conference approved literature and signage was allowed back in the room.

As the saying goes "if one takes care of the primary purpose the baskets will take care of themselves". While our prudent reserves have been depleted in the process of keeping the lights on the doors open we have been able to shave our expenses by one third or $5,000 in 2016.

Based on a solid foundation of A.A. a transformation back to being a 12 Step Room is taking place by carrying the message to the alcoholic who still suffers. Nothing more and nothing less



2017 Profit & Loss
2017 Profit & Loss

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Come on by and visit, get to see what our room is all about and attend a meeting. If you have a problem with alcohol we can share that it works