New Horizon was formed in 1961 as a 12 Step Room of Alcoholics Anonymous on Palm Ave in Hialeah and moved to Miami Springs in 1971, then to its present location in 2004.

Unlike Club Rooms which may have multiple groups and or other fellowships, a 12 Step Room is unique in that it was created as a private setting for one A.A. Group's members to work the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous.

New Horizon is self supporting through its own contributions by passing a basket during meetings. There is a Service Committee made up of 5 members elected by the Group that co-ordinate the A.A. activities of New Horizon and with other A.A. Groups.

There is also an administrative side where three Trustees, elected by the Group manage the business affairs of the Corporation, New Horizon 1961 Corp a Florida not for profit and IRS 501 (c) (3) non profit. Everyone meets once a month with Group members who have the final word to approve, co-ordinate and vote on new guidelines and or motions. 


Patio & Entrance

How to find us.

The best way to find us is to make a left onto Canal street if coming from Starbucks on the Circle or a right if you are coming across the bridge from Hialeah. We are located on the backside of the 38 Curtiss Building on the service alley behind Starbucks.

There is a small pathway between our building and Starbucks that enables you to get to the service alley from Curtiss, the other entrance to the service alley is from Canal Street. Just look for the AA logos.

     Our Room

  It's a comfortable room that can seat up to 60 persons with a handicapped bathroom and a coffee bar with refreshments such as coffee, coladas, sodas, fruit juices, ice tea and bottled water. We accept cash or credit cards. Some meetings are open so that family members and our friends may attend however most are closed for those that have a desire to stop drinking and wish to remain anonymous.


Podium and Speaker's Chair


TV and Slogans



Coffee Bar


Next ....

Come to a meeting, introduce yourself and we will show you around the room and answer any questions you might have about Alcoholics Anonymous. It works